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Dr. Shute was a cardiologist who also treated trauma and burn patients at the Shute Institute in London Ontario Canada. During World War II he came across many soldiers who had been burned severely during the war. The medical field had little medication to treat these scared victims in the winter of 1943. Dr. Shute collaborated with Wilson and Wilfor, Wilson who was both a chemist and pharmacist, and Wilfor who was a pharmacist. Together the teams produced a remarkable and wonderful product for treatment of the wounds, eliminated scars, help try to prevent infection and also replenished the skin and body. The team was able to create a Vitamin E Cream made from all natural sources of d-Alpha tocopheryl. d-Alpha tocopheryl is the absolute natural state of vitamin E made from edible vegetable oils. Love Your Skin Products is the third generation of Wilson and Wilfor owned by Dr. Hasna Iwas

Skincare Model

Dr. Hasna Iwas, has found that this product is not only useful in treating burns, and scars, but as an anti-aging. The vitamin E cream helps to rejuvenate the skin and make it look and feel younger by giving back the skins natural elasticity and adding moister.

Hasna has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Michigan. She worked in a retail environment for 4 years before deciding to start her own pharmacy so she could have more time with her patients and better serve their needs in many aspects, whether filling prescriptions, counseling, custom-made medications or immunizations.

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